3D Modelling

Dragoneye Design can model, craft, texture, light and render your designs and requirements.  From Arch Vis, through to organic modelling we can help give your visuals an edge over the competition. 

How Can We Help?

Could you benefit from a three dimensional Logo or  a visualisation of a product?  Would an Intro movie in fully generated CG help build impact on your social media?  Would a unique company mascot that can be presented and even 3d printed fit with your marketing plans?

3d For Print

3 Dimensional artwork for your print media and publications

Product Visualisation

Your product created and presented in photorealistic 3D, for use in adds or other media

Social Media

High end 3D video intros for your online media videos, and stills for posts.

Character Design

Create a character as your company face, or a games characters. Animated or otherwise

Game Assets & Enviro

High detail, low poly, renderable objects to populate your game environments.

Visual Effects

Create stunning effects for your use in your adverts, videos, and media

For Identity

Logo 3d Conversions, Logo creation, modelled and rendered mascots or brand figures (creatures) we can offer it all.  If you have ever wanted an identity that brings things to life and you have ideas why not get in touch and litterally bring them to life. 

For Media

Ever wanted one of those attention grabbing Intro sequences you see on you Tube?  If so we can create bespoke intro sequences which help you tell your story.

For Games

When it comes to Games, and Gaming, we can produce anything from your world, to the animals and assets you find in that world.  On our own or as part of a team, we can deliver High quality, low poly, and bespoke models.

For Art and Print

We can produce high level renders for use in your printed media.  We can produce bespoke stills of worlds, creatures, assets etc.  

We can also produce highly detailed models for you to have 3D printed to create a physical embodiment of your ideas, creations and products.